Samsung 860 DCT 960GB SSD Interne SSD | 8801643241629

V-NAND TechnologynSamsung's V-NAND flash memory helps to overcome the limitations of conventional planar NAND architecture. It stacks 48 cell layers vertically over one another rather than trying to fit itself onto a fixed horizontal space, in order to provide high density and performance with a small footprint.nnOptimized Performance & ValuenBuilt to handle the heavier workloads of data center usage, the 860DCT delivers a high level of sustained performance at a great value for your business.nnOutstanding ReliabilitynThe 860DCT 960GB is optimized for server and data center environments by offering reinforced endurance, low power consumption and a 3-year limited warranty up to 349 TBW.nnData Protection for Peace of MindnSecure data without performance degradation thanks to AES 256-bit encryption.nnEfficient Power ManagementnThanks to low power consumption, you can enhance efficiency for operations and maintenance.nnS.M.A.R.T.nMonitor the computer drives proactively to detect and report various reliability indicators with Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T).nnSamsung ComponentsnSamsung's solid state drives are built entirely from Samsung components, leveraging our extensive OEM expertise to allow complete, optimized integration.

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